The Kill Point

Not many people will have heard of The Kill Point, it was cancelled over in America after just one season but the one and only season is definately worth checking out. By no means is it the best drama in the world but it is quite good. So what is the plot I hear you crying? Members of the 10-13 platoon who have recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan decide that they want something back and with the help of thier leader ‘Mr Wolf’ go and rob the Three Rivers Bank. Quite simple really, they are out the door not much has happened, they have the money they are about to get in thier vehicle and the police arrive shooting, they think about making a get-away but the fire power makes them think again so they head back into the bank (well most of them do). Over the next eight episodes Mr Wolf has to deal with the hostages making escape plans, a powerhouse constantly attempting to get his daughter out of the bank and of course the hostage negotiator Horst Callie negoitating one hostage at a time out of the bank.

But did Mr Wolf, Mr Pig and co (the hostage takers) really come for the money or were their other motives as Mr Wolf makes out to the media ? How the hell will they get out of the bank ? Will they get the money? And can Horst Callie finally have someone with grammar up to his standards ?

Probably not on the last one but watch the series to find out. Like I said its entertaining and stars Donnie Wahlberg as Horst Callie and John Leguizamo as Mr Wolf .

Catch Mr Wolf, Mr Pig, Mr Cat, Mr Mouse, Mr Rabbit (I kid you not) and Horst in the Kill Point.




Keep seeing adverts for JJ Abrahms new series Revolution. It looks intriguing, with an the premise being every piece of technology blacks out – forever. There are several subplots including people changing, Danny (who ever he is) gets kidnapped by the local militia (because everyone has one of those) for ‘a darker purpose’, a ‘rogue’ band of surviors also get in on the act trying to rescue Danny, overthrow the militia and ‘ultimately re-establish the United States of America’. And last but not least (well as long as it doesn’t last just the one series) find out why the power ever went off and how/if they can ever get it back on (hope they do I need power to keep blogging!).

Thanks NBC for the info.

JJ Abrahms new series Revolution will be on Sky1 and Sky1 HD on 29 March 2013 at 9:00pm.

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