XBOX ONE – The Specs


Release Date: March 14, 2002 2 December 2005 Q4 2013
Processor: 733 MHz x86 Intel Custom Hybrid 3.2 GHz IBM PowerPC tri-core AMD x86-64 oct-core CPU
Memory: 64 MB DDR 512 MB GDDR3 8 GB of DDR3
Graphics: 233 MHz Custom nVidia NV2A 500 MHz codenamed “Xenos” AMD DirectX 11.1 based GPU, 32 MB ESRAM Memory
Media: CD, DVD (single and double layer) CD, DVD (single and double layer) BluRay Disc, CD, DVD
(single and double layer)

The XBOX 360 had 8 times more memory that the its predecessor, but its sucessor is set to have 16 times more RAM than it. The cores keep going up in the processor from 1 to 3 to 8 and the speed should do something dramatic considering the the jump between XBOX to 360 meant the XBOX 360 was 13 times(ish) more powerful. And don’t forget the XBOX (ONE) finally gets a BluRay to watch stuff in HD (unless you got a HD-DVD add-on drive for the 360 in which case you can watch new HD stuff from a disc).

Thanks to the PC Advisor for the XBOX ONE info, thanks to Wikipedia for the XBOX and XBOX 360 as well as Thy Old XBOX and IGN.